We understand that, for some people, taking their vehicle across town to a shop cannot always be fit into a busy schedule. To accommodate these people, we are happy to offer our Mobile Dent Repair Service to your home or office. Our travel fee is $75 and is in addition to the Repair Cost, this bringing the minimum charge for a mobile on-site repair to $200. Please read over the Mobile Dent Repair Stipulations.

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Our mobile dent removal service operates with these stipulations:


  • There is a travel fee charged regardless of whether a repair is completed or not.
    If the repair is to be completed in an area that requires a parking fee to be paid, the cost of parking will be added to the auto dent repair cost.
  • We require that a photo of the damage be emailed to us to allow us to make an initial assessment of the damage before we commit to booking a mobile appointment. This eliminates us having to charge clients a travel charge for assessing damage that is obviously beyond the limits of Paintless Dent Repair.
  • For the safety of our technicians, we require that the vehicle be located off of any active roadway while they complete the repair.
  • During inclement weather, or the threat of inclement weather, we will require a covered area to work under. This allows us to complete the best possible repair of the vehicle. In addition, as doors and windows are often opened while we work, it also prevents rain from entering the vehicle.
  • We ask that the vehicle owner or a representative be available to our technician for the duration of their time with the vehicle. This allows us to discuss the car dent removal, the costs, the return of the keys and the collection of payment in an efficient manner.
  • We will only travel to locations that the vehicle owner has a direct connection to, such as their home or workplace. We will not fix dents in shopping mall parking lots or other similar locations.
  • Mobile service is available Monday thru Friday.

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