Our Minimum in-shop repair starts at $125. Our minimum on-site repair (including a $75 travel fee) starts at $200. The best way to determine what the cost of your paintless dent repair to your vehicle, is to arrange to bring it to us for an estimate. It is also possible, in most cases, to email photos to us and/ or call us to discuss your dent removal and receive a ballpark estimate for the repair. Please keep in mind however, that we will not give a definitive estimate until we are able to see your vehicle in person.

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The cost for a Paintless Dent Repair is determined by a combination of a number of factors

  1. The size of a dent: The larger the dent, the more time required to repair it and, consequently, the higher the cost for the repair.
  2. The number of dents: The more dents there are on the vehicle, the more time there will be required to repair them. However, when there is more than one dent to be repaired, the cost of each additional dent is considerably less than the cost of the first dent.
  3. The location of the dent(s): Generally speaking, dents located on horizontal panels (hoods, trunks and roofs) can be a little more complex to work with than dents on vertical panels (doors, fenders and quarter panels). In addition, damage located on or near edges of panels, or on body lines, require more time and attention than other dents.
  4. Removal of vehicle components: In the process of repairing a vehicle, we may be required to remove and re-install a part (headlight, tail light, headliner etc.) to gain the required access to execute the repair.

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